Special thanks to the 2012 Summer Search San Francisco Leadership Luncheon Corporate Sponsors

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2012 leadership luncheon supporters

The Bengier Foundation
John and Cynthia Gunn
Kenneth Olivier and Angela Nomellini
Liebe Patterson
Diana and Steven Strandberg

Brickyard Family Fund
Gina Falsetto and Warren Brown
Darla and Pat Flanagan
Michelle and Robert Friend
Sasha and Irina Kovriga
Jeffrey and Darice O'Neill
Helen and Richard Spalding
Tom van Loben Sels

Jim and Alison Carbone
Dan Carroll and Stasia Obremskey
Erik Christofferson and Alissa Lee
Penny and James Coulter
Stephanie DiMarco and Jim Harleen
Randi and Bob Fisher
Steven Gensler and Nancy Swig
Steven Grand-Jean
Steven L. Merrill
Melanie Peña and Mark Perry
Tim Treadway

Andy and Linda Ach
Matt and Amy Berler
Toni and Peter Breck
Brad DeFoor
Marla Felcher and Max Bazerman
John and Laura Fisher
Don and Janie Friend
Kevin Gay and Ramona Hanes
David and Fumiko Hoeft
Katherine and Duncan Kennedy
Millicent and Robert Lalanne
Donald McCubbin
Betsy and Edward McDermott
Hilary and Mark McInerney
Carolyn and Alex Mehran
Pamela and Mitchell Nichter
Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl
Bernard Osher Foundation
Arthur and Louise Patterson
JaMel and Thomas Perkins
Eva and Bill Price
Kent Radspinner and Mai Anh Phan
Kadima Foundation
Roberta H. Silten
Graham Smith
PSAI Realty Partners
Kirby Walker and Paul Danielsen
Stacey Welsh
Diane Blanchard Whiting
Lisa and Ted Williams
Diane B. Wilsey
Greg and Jodi Young

Deborah Alton-Matthews
Richard and Julie Atkinson
Za and Sig Berven
Elizabeth and Clark Callander
Linda and Joseph Chong
Cathy and Sandy Dean
Becky Draper
Carrie and Stouffer Egan
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman  
Constance Goodyear Baron and Barry C. Baron M.D.
Lorrie and Richard Greene
Alicia and Philip Hammarskjold
Corinne Hedrick
Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hume
Steve and Claire Kingsley
Kate and Yaz Krehbiel
William and Matthes
Nion T. McEvoy
Tamra and Kurt Mobley
Stacey and Glenn Murphy
John Murray and Gail Covington
Russell and Ellanor Notides
Jeff and Linda Rosenthal
Susan and Alan Rothenberg
Mary Schaefer
Demi and Frederick Seguritan
Tricia and Chuck Sellman
Debbie and Michael Shepherd
Carolyn and Stephen Spitz
Edward R. Stolman and Nancy Conrad
Diana and Steven Strandberg
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Ted and Phyllis Swindells
Seth Taube
Angie and Seth Taube
Charlotte and Scott Tracy
Susan and David Tunnell
Jeff and Laurie Ubben
Debi and Jeff Weber
Katherine G. Welch
John and Averel Wilson

Tom Akin
Alexandria Albers
Ann Alpers and Shawn Hanson
Beverly Anderson
Brooke Anderson
Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Barbara Austin
Kim and Steve Bachmann
Margaret Bahan
Victoria Bailey
Leslie Baker
Leo Balambao, Jr.
Ann Barber
Richard Barker
Beth Barker
Supriya Batra
Karen Bergman
JoAnne and Jack Bertges
Jennifer and Doug Biederbeck
Wendy and Richard Bingham
Wendy and Richard Bingham
Tom and Leslie Bires
Joy Boatwright
Charles Boerio
Tina and Joe Bou-Saba
Jennifer and Chris Boyd
Josh and Maida Brankman
John and Jean Brennan
Robin Brinckerhoff
Barbara Brooks
Trevor and Billie Buck
Lynn B. Bunim and Alexander Fetter
Lesley Bunim
Anne Marie Burgoyne and Brad Roberts
Walter and Leslie Burlock
Ann Cabral
Abby Campbell
Lisa Campos
Mickele Carpenter
Holly Carver
Diane and Rob Cassil
Matt Chadwick
Du Chai
Lucien Chan and Joanna Gonsalves
Victor Hwang and Yi-Ling Chen
Grace Chin
Deanna Chin
Charmaine Chow and Saul Peña
Chris and Catherine Clifford
Patricia Cole
Alima and Yann Connan
Phyllis and David Cook
Molly Coomber
Courtney Cooney and Topher Solmssen
Marion Cope
Jessica Cornell
James and Sarah Cox
Crist, Fritschi and Paterson
Tim Dattels and Kristine Johnson
Stephen Davis and Jill Cowan Davis
Teran Davis
Madhukar and Saira Dayal
Cathy and Sandy Dean
Barbara Deggelman
Peter Denny
Alexis and Daniel Donahoe
Doug Dossey and Kathrin Dellago
Brian Driscoll
James Dudley
George Eckard
Mary Edwards Berridge
Sean Elsbernd
Mrs. Douglas J. Engmann
Kathryn and Carlos Esquivel
Shawn Eubanks
Betsy and Coby Everdell
Nael Fakhry
Laura and Paul Fay
Ellen Feeney
Michael Feldman
Rabbi Carla Fenves
Tom and Cherielyn Ferguson
Georganne Ferrier and Steven Weinberg
First Republic Bank
Jason M. Fish and Courtney Benoist
Jean and Chad Follmer
Erik Foraker
Ron Fortgang and Ellen Conant
Hilary Fox and Matthew Jacobs
Keiko Franklin
John Fraticelli
Michelle and Robert Friend
Benjamin Friend
Jeff Fritschi
Andrea and Kevin Fuller
Louise Fung
David Gast, Gast Architects
Alina Gavrilova
Bill Ginchereau
Carol A. Goldberg
Susie Gregory
Walter and Julie Haas
Katie Hafner
Cathy and Christian Halberstadt
Robert and Jill Hamer
William and Nancy Hammonds
Debra L. Haney
Greg and Sally Hartman
HRC Fund Associates
Paul Haughey and Denise Spencer
Tegan Hayunga
Barb Hendricks
Sara and John Hendrickson
Paula Hennessey
David Peter Hess
Mark Hoegs
Elizabeth Hood
Connie Hooker
Keiko Horkan
Liz Horton
Cara Hubbard
Jan Hudson
Libby and Zach
Carlyn and Laurie Hunter
Mike and Robin Jankiewicz
Mr. and Ms. George Jewett III
Amal Johnson
Ben and Carlin Politzer
Melissa Jones
Elouise Joseph
Jon and Allison Joss
Fred Kanter
Judi Kanter
Carl Kaufman
Jenny and Steve Kawaja
Michael and Jennifer Keenan
Robert and Nicole Keller
Jeremy and Erica Kelly
Margaret Kelly
Robert and Phyllis Kligman
Cathy Kornblith
Elizabeth Kreiner
Kreitzberg Family Foundation
Annie Krupp
Rose Lavandero and Ted Kurtz
Bo and Kathryn Lasater
Rose Lavandero and Ted Kurtz
Laura and Michael Lazarus
Tommy and Jenny Lee
Janice Lee
Leigh Lehman
Suzy Lester
Chris and Susie Leupold
Jeffrey Lauren and Susan Leviton
Sarah Lewis
Marci Lief
David Schwartz and Donna Liu
Jennifer Lively
Sydia P. Long
Rodney and Kristi Loo
Betty Louie
Alistair and Caroline Low
James J. Ludwig Foundation
David Lyon
Donald MacDonald
Bob Macke
John Mahoney
Thomas and Linda Mallan
Jeff Marshall
Henry and Lisille Matheson
Todd Mathias
Andew F. and Ann B. Mathieson Fund
Pat and Susie McBaine
Dan McCall
Jennifer McCall
Dave McCarthy
Adam McDonough
Roslyn McIntyre
Tom McNeal and Sandra Gruver
Michele and Chris Meany
Suzanne and Robert Mellor
Karen Mendelsohn-Gould
Julie Metzger
Kellie Meyers
Victoria Thorp and James Migdal
Leni Miller
Beth Mitchner and Douglas Wertheimer
Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar
Shirley Moore
Matt Moran
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Moriguchi
Jayson Morris
John and Kate Morris
Diane Morris
Julie Simon Munro
Linda Murphy
Andrea and Robert Nachtigall
Eduardo Navarro
Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Ria Nickens
Alicia Nogales and Greg Little
Carol Norfleet
Carol Norfleet
Cathy and Robert Nourafshan
Remy Ntshaykolo and Kelly Pritchett
Elizabeth and David Obershaw
Chris and Carrie O'Dea
William Olds
Suzy Pak
Eva Pan
Mary Pang
Jessica Parish Galloway
Marcantonio Parisi
Beth Parker
Liz Parkinson
Kathleen Patterson
Terry Pearce
Michael Pearce
Solaria Perez-Stepanov
Marc Perrin
Leonilla and William Perry
Susan Peterson
Mai Pham Godezano
Regina Phelps
Cecile Picard
Jay and Lisa Pierrepont
Nancy Pile
Louise Playford
Amy Plevin
Sandra Prusiner
Clinton and Janet Reilly
Sheryl and Jim Reuben
Sarah Ricci
Courtney and Ted Rice
Arthur and Kadi Ringness
Heather Robsahm
Debbie and Arthur Romaine
Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
James Rudd
Cynthia Rutter
Jennifer Sampson
The Philip D. Black and Brigitte L. Sandquist Foundation
Jaimie Sanford
Dorothy Saxe
Woody Scal and Claudia Lewis
Phil Schlein
Lucas and Rosalia Schoemaker
Lucas and Rosalia Schoemaker
Kaitlin and Abraham Schroeder
Emily Schubert
Hugh and Donna Scott
Diane Serber and Sam Yockey
Mona Shah
Catherine Shaw
Martha Shear
Sarah Shepard Hoffman
Christine Sherry
Jeff Shum
Sharon Sintchak
Dan Sivolella
Carol Solfanelli
Hagar Berlin and Jon Spack
Patrick Spalding
Paul Haughey and Denise Spencer
Ann and James Spencer
Julie Anne Springman Wickes and Tanner Wickes
Dave Staley
Belena Stanford
Peter and Lila Steinle
Peter and Lila Steinle
Kelly Steremberg
Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor
Rebecca and Phil Susser
Shelley Sutherland
Michelle Swager
Susan Swig
Patricia Tanoury
John Tavernetti
Linsey Thornton and Matthew Roginski
D. J. Tierney
Paula Todd
Ada Tom
Andrea Topper
Cia and Stephen Townsend
Charlotte and Scott Tracy
Connie Treadwell and Elliot Lippman
Vivian Tsai
Jack Tsui
Tina Tunney
Jeanie Marie Turner
Kelly and Ken Vercellino
Jessica and Chris Vibberts
Anne Viotanti
Assad Waathiq
Brooks Walker and Summer Tompkins Walker
Lorna Walker
Daniel Wallace
Sally Ward
Susan Ward
Charlotte Waxman
Cindy Weil
Liz Weingart
Matthew Whall
St. Francis Associates
Lawson and Mary Bess Willard
James Willcox
Charles B. Wilson
Don Wilson
David and Charlotte Winton
Jane and Douglas Wolf
Jennifer Wolf
Trevor and Karen Wright
Tim Wu
Melina Wyatt
George Yamas
Shirley Duong and David Yu
Tony Zanze


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