If your son or daughter has been accepted into Summer Search, congratulations!

For the past twenty years, Summer Search has helped students reach their full potential and become leaders in their communities. Nearly 100% of Summer Search students graduate from high school. Over 90% go on to college and a vast majority are on track to graduate. This is compared to just one in ten students growing up in poverty today. Summer Search is committed in helping your child secure a better future.

Sending your child on summer experiential education programs - one wilderness and one abroad - may seem just as daunting to you as it does to your child. But rest assured that these programs are safe and are monitored by professionals in the industry. These trips are paramount to the Summer Search program as they help broaden your child's horizons, build their confidence, and gain experiences they may not otherwise have.

If you are a new Summer Search parent and would like to talk with other parents, join a Parent Council or Family Council, or find out more of how you can support the program, please contact your local site for more information. To hear parent and guardian testimonials, please click here:


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