Black Lives Matter Community Series


Black Lives Matter

In response to the ever-growing and unacceptable list of Black and Brown people who have been killed because of violence and racism, Summer Search developed a Black Lives Matter Community Series — a series to come together to heal, learn together, and discuss how we can take action to create a world where all young people can thrive.

Check out a recap of our complete BLM Series on our blog. Click here to learn more about receiving a print of the live illustrations from our events.

Watch Summer Searcher Mohamed's Short Film "Surviving the Movement"

Envisioned by Sylvia Watts McKinney, Philadelphia Executive Director, this idea quickly took shape with support from across our network, becoming a three-part series of virtual events to come together focusing on healing, education, and action.

Watch Highlights from Part 2: Education

Part 1 was a Healing Vigil featuring performances and words from various members of the Summer Search community. The conversation in Part 2 — led by experts from the education, healthcare, wealth, and sports industries — focused on learning how systemic racism shows up in so many areas of our lives.

Watch Highlights from Part 1: Healing

Below are some additional ways to contribute to the organizing work that's taking place in our communities, for our causes and resources for deepening our learning. It's important that in this time, we not only check in with each other, but also with ourselves to care for our spirit as we move through this together.


Movement Organizations

Resources for Learning

For Activists


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