While a young person's potential is not defined by a zip code, too often their opportunities are.

Summer Search is working to ensure that students have every opportunity to achieve their potential in school, work, and life.

Through a combination of mentoring and transformative experiences, our comprehensive program—which is grounded in current research on adolescence—capitalizes on the unique developmental opportunities present during this period for young people.

We partner with our students to support them in navigating and challenging systemic barriers to post-secondary education, workforce participation, and financial stability so that every Summer Searcher can thrive.

COVID-19 Update:
This past summer, in order to prioritize the health and safety of our young people, we decided not to send students on in-person summer experiences.

We continue to support the connection, well-being, and growth of Summer Searchers through continued mentoring (1:1 and/or group), online learning, sharing resources, and/or direct financial support.

Here’s how it works:

It’s not a program. It’s a partnership.

Full-Time Staff Mentoring

Our students are partnered with staff mentors who build authentic and long-lasting relationships in order to provide support for many facets of a student’s life. This holistic approach includes preparing for the summer experiences, navigating systemic barriers, discussing their identity, and everything in between at school, at home and in the community.


High School Sophomore - Nominated by a Partner School

We partner with high schools in underserved communities to identify sophomores who demonstrate self-reflection, agency, empathy, follow-through, and adaptive skills -- the seeds for success in school and life -- which are cultivated throughout the program.


Year 1 - Full Scholarship to Summer Experience

In the summer after sophomore year, we provide students with challenging wilderness experiential opportunities. These experiences broaden our students’ view of themselves and provide the opportunity to partner with their mentor to learn from their triumphs and setbacks, which serves to develop their strengths.


Year 2 - 2nd Full Scholarship to Summer Experience

The second summer experience takes place between junior and senior year and can range from a second outdoor wilderness expedition, to an academic program, to a community service opportunity—depending on the student’s interests and needs. Students continue to work with their mentors to integrate these experiences into their lives, and to strengthen the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in school, work, and in life.


Years 3-9 – Post-Secondary Support and Career Exploration

Students continue to receive support on their journeys towards their long-term goals, which include educational attainment, workforce participation, and financial stability.


Alumni—Alumni Network

We have a growing network of alumni who are leading their families and communities to thrive. The Alumni Network provides alumni with opportunities to advance their careers, support Summer Search through service and philanthropy, and stay connected with current students.

Once a Summer Searcher, always a Summer Searcher.

Supporting Young People to Thrive.