Summer Search believes young people should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

Young people across the nation possess unique strengths, resilience, and tremendous potential, yet many face systemic inequities that can limit their potential.

As a result, their ability to obtain postsecondary degrees, participate in the workforce, or gain financial stability is often stifled.

SINCE 1990, we have partnered with high schools, community-based organizations, families, and supporters to provide opportunities for high school students from low-income communities to overcome systemic inequities through mentoring and transformative experiences.

Our alumni are 3 times more likely to graduate with a 4-year degree than their peers and become the kind of leaders our country needs—civic leaders, advocates, industry leaders, teachers, mothers, and fathers. Their collective leadership ripples across the community, future generations, and contributes to a more equitable society. 

Supporting Young People to Thrive.