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We believe that our world is better off when all young people can discover their purpose in life.

We empower young people to discover their purpose through mentoring, summer experiential learning, and by providing support during the critical transition from high school to post-secondary education through to launching a career of choice.

Summer Search is a community of staff mentors, school partners, alumni, and supporters committed to ensuring that participants have an equitable opportunity to grow and succeed in ways that are important to them.

Since 1990, we have partnered with more than 7,500 participants and their families to support Summer Searchers to graduate college on time, with less debt and secure meaningful jobs.

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Partnering for a Bright Future

In high school, young people are in the midst of understanding who they want to be and what they want to do as adults.

Our program is designed to partner with young people to practice skills that help them better understand their motivations, relationships, and goals, so that they can leverage this knowledge in relentless pursuit of their purpose and dreams.

Our support begins in the sophomore year of high school and continues through to launching a career and achieving financial well-being.

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Our Approach is Effective

We have been evolving our approach over the past 30 years in partnership with our participants, alumni, school partners, summer program partners, and leaders in education and career development. Our comprehensive long-term model is effective.

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Our Alumni are Thriving

Behind the numbers are individual alumni who are pursuing their unique approach to their purpose. Each of them has a story to share — one that is rooted in their quest to define a future with opportunities for themselves, their family, and our communities. Summer Search alumni are optimistic about their careers and living lives of purpose.

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We Support an Anti-Racist World

When we, as an organization, began having conversations about race, privilege, and power, it wasn't just for us to discuss our strategy or best practices. It was to understand how to move differently as a collective to support our communities that we know are vulnerable and routinely preyed upon and build towards an anti-racist world.

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Communities Where We Work

Summer Search partners with high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City.

Please check out the list of partner high schools on our community pages to learn whether Summer Search is working with your student's high school.

If we are partnering with your student's high school, please reach out to the main number and/or email listed on the community page to get more information. If your student's high school is not listed, and you are located in one of the communities where we work, please reach out to email listed on the community page.

Contact your local Summer Search office to learn more:


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