Our Supporters

Behind the shining faces of each of our graduates stands a circle of supporters who stood with and for them during their journey. As we come together in our applause for these young people, we at Summer Search turn to applaud each one of our supporters as well.

It is our honor and privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with:

Our supporters, who wholeheartedly show up through their thought leadership, financial support, engaged employee involvement, pro-bono contributions, and service on our national and regional boards.

Our internship partners, who know that exceptional summer interns can come from every community, and express their conviction by offering this critical first career step to our students.

Our school partners, who are the starting place for every Summer Search journey. They introduce us to the students who will make the most of our program, young people on fire to complete college, chart their course and go on to become leaders in their communities.

Our summer program partners, who provide the scholarships and equipment for the essential programs that launch our high school sophomores and juniors into a brand-new way of seeing the world.

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors, and the individual donors whose time, money and care are the engine that allows Summer Search to partner in power with the young people we serve.

Supporting Young People to Thrive.