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This annual event is hosted by Summer Search New York City’s Associate Board, a group of professionals who share Summer Search’s commitment to college success for all youth in New York City. Summer Search works with youth starting in the 10th grade all the way through college graduation, providing students with a unique combination of mentoring, experiential learning, college advising, and in-college support.

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Event Details


Thursday, September 28, 2017

7:00 -10:00pm


The DL - 95 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002 


The Associate Board

Abe Arambolo
Chris Barrand
Nora Carroll
Thomas Cassidy
Kevin Castellanos
Dawn Cheron
Ethan Cohen
Meg Conrad
Robert Cortes
Deanna DeChirico
Mike Drittel
Paige Duke
Nicole Federico
Desirée Flores
Brandon Fried
Erica Friedman
Hilary Hoffman
Sean Hogan
Jenni Humes
Jhonarri Jimenez
Freddie Joyner
John LaDien
Anne Latham
Tom Leineweber
Kate Magilligan
Diana Marko
Grace Milligan
Jade Myers
Greg Painvin
Rafael Payano
Grecia Ramos
Laura Rivero
Andrew Sagor
Laural Simeon
Jordan Singleton
Niels Sommerfeld
Kristin Stropp
Osei Thomas
Jenny Tu
Mauricio Ubillus
Kai Vernstrom
Allison Wedeward
Caroline Witmer
Jeannie Witmer
Rainbow Wong
Nina Yadava
Sasha Zhang